Since 2013, Frederick Martial Arts has been teaching character, discipline, focus, and respect through a blend of martial arts disciplines coupled with a focus on character education. We offer traditional training in Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, and Shotokan Karate. Our experienced instructors continuously strive to maintain an environment of encouragement, support, and a healthy lifestyle for our students. The success of each student is measured on their individual abilities and dedication to improvement, both physical and mental.

Frederick Martial Arts offers programs for students of all ages and backgrounds. Starting as early as age 3, we deliver programs suitable for students of varying ages, backgrounds, experience, and skill. Our instructors have many years of experience and a passion for teaching and helping students succeed. Our enthusiastic training programs are designed to build upon one another and guide students along the path of physical training, real-world self-defense, character development, and overall confidence.

We offer 4 free classes to all prospective students and promise no hidden costs or fees. We believe that Frederick Martial Arts has the best program in Frederick County, Maryland, and encourage you to begin your journey towards success by registering for your free classes today!