Our Curriculum

Our self-paced martial arts program is unlike any other in the area. Belts are based on each student’s individual progression within the discipline. Explore our line-up of programs for ages 3 to adult and novice to Black Belt.
Ages 3 - 6

Tiny Tigers

This class is a fun introduction to martial arts for preschool students ages 3 through 6.  The skills, drills, and games teach age-appropriate techniques that are engaging and challenging.  Students will learn basic martial arts while building focus and motor skills in a positive environment.  We will also teach important character values such as self-discipline, confidence, teamwork, respect, and a positive attitude which the student can take with them anywhere – not just in the studio.


Ages 6 - 12

Basic Karate

Our Basic Karate classes are designed for students ages 6 to 12. These classes are interactive and engaging – blending a combination of solid fundamentals and character development for all ages to support a healthy lifestyle. The core curriculum consists of basic physical fitness such as stances, forms, and self-defense. Students will learn at their own pace while developing essential training habits that will challenge themselves to be better every day. We also add our anti-bully and predator prevention mat chats to these classes to let students understand how to deal with these situations through prevention, situational solutions, and trusted adult involvement.

Ages 12 & Up

Adult/Teen Karate

Our teen and adult curriculum includes self-defense scenarios while focusing on the development of strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular ability. Our students and instructors thrive in a supportive environment – helping everyone to engage in an healthy experience while learning top-level defense and safety strategies. The curriculum matches our Basic Karate program but moves at a pace more suitable for teens and adults.

Purple - Green Belt


This class is a students’ introduction to leadership training and advancement in their martial arts techniques/performance. Students will find themselves coaching other students and demonstrating in front of the class which will help create a real sense of confidence and leadership. Training is offered to motivated and dedicated students who are willing to put in the extra effort toward their own training and growth as a martial artist. These classes are fast-paced and detail-oriented – teaching how to incorporate training methods at home and outside the studio to enhance an overall healthy training lifestyle.

*In order to participate in the program, you must obtain a purple belt or higher.

Blue - Adv. Brown Belt

Advanced Leadership

These leadership classes are a commitment and require true dedication. They are designed to advance a students understanding of martial arts and is the next step toward reaching their individual goals in life. Students will explore how to teach and lead effectively, create a goal-setting environment, and focus on attention to detail. This class prepares students for an increased pace of Black Belt training while learning to develop a sense of community. Students will also learn how to use their character and leadership skills outside of the studio. Each step of our program works together with one another – this class is where the Advanced Leadership students will begin to see how pieces of the puzzle start to fit together.

*In order to participate in the program, you must obtain a blue belt or higher.

Red - Black Belts

Koho Class

Every Black Belt is a White Belt who didn’t quit! Our Koho Class challenges students to start putting all of their physical and character training together. This class will help students learn how to push themselves toward their goals while they continue to refine their attention to detail. Students will focus on their individual martial arts techniques as well as their balance control, and detail.

*In order to participate in the program, you must obtain a red belt or black belt.


Women’s Self-Defense

Our Self-Defense program has been developed over years of real life scenario training with professionals in executive security, law enforcement and martial arts.  Students will be taught the basics of awareness, gross motor defense skills and drills that are safe, effective, easy to learn and fun for everyone to practice.  We will also cover strategies of defense if you are by yourself or in a group and also quick tips you can teach your whole family.  Topics cover personal and family protection, everyday defense items, active shooter response, anti – abduction and emergency scenarios.